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        ◆ 公司介紹 ABORT US

        Dongguan Yashida Luggage Factory is located in ZhongTang Town, Dongguan,China.

        We are a professional manufacturer & exporter of all kinds of high quality 

        trolley luggages. We have completed production equipment, specialized development teams, production management teams and quality control teams. We have more than nine years' production experience in the luggage&suitcase field.

        So we welcome your OEM or ODM. We are always doing our best to produce the classy trolley luggage with competitive price for our customers.In return for our effort,we earn many customer friends' trust and longstanding business relationship. Hope our luggage bring you a pleasant life




           電   話:0769-88186603

           手   機:13925565146

           傳   真:0769-88186603





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